Laughing So Hard, I Fell Off My Long Chained Hydrocarbons.

It's National Chemistry Week! Which always brings reflection on how I got here. Science communication taps the most primal instincts, as in "When did this pivotal exchange occur in my life?' This is especially important for those who don't have access to the most basic resources. Chemistry is everywhere, it's that path of the dreamer that essentially connects them for life. For me, it provided a more therapeutic role in my early age development, but that's another discussion  unique to low income learners.

GHETTO IUPAC: I use to read bathroom content labels as a kid.

Recently I have started collecting old science texts/literature from thrift/antique shops and all rummage trade shows. I was curious to compare science communication then versus now. What I found most compelling is the public audience pieces haven't changed much. What has changed is the space on which it is exchanged.