Diary Data Mining [Tues Throwback, My 21 year old self circa 2005]

I did more writing earlier in my life, documenting everything. Ever since I could pick up a writing utensil and put my thoughts on paper....I started recording my life. I actually have a suitcase full of journals. I remember when I discovered livejournal and started blogging about college in 2004. My first blog was called One Damned Thing After Another because at the age of 21, I caught onto to that life lesson quick. I spent two hours this morning searching for it....bc I had long forgotten anything associated with that account. Interesting to find yourself, the little girl you, in the depths of the internet....much like the bottom of closet when searching for important notes.

I started with a special Hallmark knockoff diary that had its own personal shiny gold lock/key combo and have progressed into online entries to document my experiences through life. I'm going to share because it helped me gain perspective what I started with, what I did with it and how I've grown. This would be 2005, and I am reminded what changes in just one year.

Oh and be warned, my mouth had not undergone etiquette training regarding public communication.

Date: January 17, 2005
Title: Day 2 in Italy 
We arrived in Venice, Sunday. It was an okay flight but it took an hour to get our luggage from baggage claim. The alps were absolutely beautiful from the airplane. Yesterday we checked into the Ederlee Inn. It is nice. The post is

A Chemist Gonna Create...

As you know, I traveled to Chicago recently. Had a great time, saw a couple friends, including a nutritional chemist whom I graduated with. He showed me around and even took time off work to do this. This past week, I recently received a random text from him. Normally, it wouldn't be something I post but it helped me during a time I started to doubt myself. It read as such:

"I think of how courageous you are and strong."
"It puts me to shame sometimes haha."

Let Me EXPLAIN TO YOU How A Chemist Looks For Work.

College Football is in high gear, along with my job search. I am wrapping 2013 in this fashion because I promised myself and certain others I would take a year off and then continue my career. While I can shout "Boomer" within a 100 mile radius and receive a quick reply of "Sooner!" --my resume is not receiving the same passionate response. Ironically, no response means the opposite of sooner, which is later, much much later.

However, I have come across very very few chemistry jobs in a 50 mile radius, and some have been un-impressive and down-right confusing. I am on the brink of an identity crisis because my skills land on a spectrum of job titles that make no sense to me.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics & Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections, my education/experience classify me as a Chemist in their Occupational Outlook Handbook. Funny, I thought I earned that title too until recent employment opportunities told me otherwise. When I felt downgraded by someone less qualified than me and insulted at their employment recruiting skills (yes I can say that, given my experience in contract labor staffing)-- I wanted to address key problems for local hiring companies and job applicants. I will also break down a job recruitment post because I can't take this anymore.

Science Academia: Research or Blood-sport? [Repost]

As most of my fellow online collaborative colleagues and close friends know, I recently resigned from my position as laboratory research technician in a research group at a nearby university. It has been nearly a month and I don't regret this decision. On paper, it was due to "medical reasons" and was supported by every single one of my lab-mates, the manager and even the therapist I was frequenting through their Employee Assistance Program.

What keeps me up these past few nights is the ivory tower folks and their candid view on life, research and science while I am stuck with these deep dark nightmares from the dungeon. The big boss that never responded to my resignation and the HR department who never returned my phone calls. If this was the 1950's, lab technicians would be the black eyed housewives that the community so irrelevantly sweeps under the rug and tells themselves it is better to not get involved or it will get fixed by someone other than themselves.

I want you to look at this next image and I want you to know that shit like this is very real. I am not here to bash a person, business, school or industry. I am here to address the broken system and how it very nearly killed me.