Holiday Chemistry Cheer

The Holiday Season is Here.

Have a Chemist in your life? Consider some of these awesome things I've come across through-out the year.

17. Mad Science Knee Highs by Sock Dreams

Knee High Socks: $10

16. Periodic Table Leggings by 1991Inc

Bc chemistry is hot and so are leggings: $49

15. Marie Curie Quote, Carbon Nanotube Vinyl Wall Decal on Etsy

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." $55

14. Molecule Graphics for your mixer on Etsy

If your kitchen is your home lab: $30

13. Test Tube Tea Infuser by ThinkGeek

Mad Tube Tea Party: $11.99

12. Digital Spoon Scale on Amazon

Lab habits are hard to break in the kitchen: $34

11. Magnetic Spoons by Progressive 

Eff yeah magnets.
Magnets make everything better $7-10

10. Periodic Table Cutting Board at Etsy

Use this board periodically: $45

9. Chemistry Flask Book on

Because alcohol is your solution sometimes: $20

8. Graduated Cylinder Lab Decanter by Wine Enthusiast 

You know you've always wondered anyways: $56

7. Benzene Ring Shelves and Shadow Boxes by Forma Living

Carbon ring why not? $25

6. ATOM Tool of Purpose by Cool Material

Up and Atom!: $15

5. Chemistry & Drug Molecule Ceramics on Etsy

4. Benzene/Hexagon Plates on Fancy

For the lab office: $8

3. Get The Hint Stickers on Amazon

Because um Lab work: $7

Bc you're the boss: $7

2. YOURS/MINE Tape by JunkSkull

Use my clean glassware, get caution tape & a chalk line next time: $7

1. Periodic Table footwear by Toms (best thing I've worn all year)

Foot Swag is Elemental: $54

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  1. Love it. I need some #3's for my office and son (the dirty roommate).