This Ad Does Not Apply To Pre-Reduced Women

The Sunday Oklahoman paper usually has two purposes- the classifieds jobs section and the poorly pandered kid making what little money he can from OPUBCO.

Today, despite the four inch thick media bible of garbage, I research thru for tiny bits of information that keep me connected to my community. I found a pretty great local tribute one too, honoring women by a local male political influence. Too good to be true? 

Yeah the craft store coupon totally became my demon smut and all female ambitions lost in prayers. 

I mean really--- after all that-- what kind of black magic news fuckery is this for Oklahoman women? 

I had to take extra birth control this morning following that kick in the womb. Community news is suppose to enrich local diversity and success, not their pockets or business pew partners in moral crime. 

Am I the only one who is constantly offended by the backhanded feminine endorsement here?  

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