Sometimes my facebook conversations aren't that bad.
A guy I knew from high school had this to say to me recently.

Dude, mushy stuff incoming, and I'm sober... and I don't care, so Deal. I freaking love you! I know I said some out of line shit back in high school, one time, but I didn't mean it. Doesn't matter, though. I don't want you to ever lose your flame. I know we're not the closest, but I'm proud to call you friend

Me: Lol. You said shit out of line in high school? who didnt? but I am curious* to know what you think you said that you remember.

Oh, Ms. Brandi. It wasn't anything too terrible, just HS boy mentality. It was as simple as somebody asking me if I "hit it" and me replying with "If I wanted to, I could have." We were both too young to be 'hitting' anything. I've always carried that around, though. I always felt that our friendship suffered because of my young, dumb mouth.
MeHaha I never knew that And I guarantee you aren't the first or prob even the last to have said that.

Oh no, you did. You called me out on it. Haha
Me:  And no worries. I think all my friendships suffer every day bc of my mouth. Slowly accepting it tho. Haha lol. I guess I forgot

Glad to know I've carried around that long for nothing :)
Me:  It says something about you. Not me. Just means it was memorable. I bet you never did that to anyone else. We always hold memories of the lessons we learn. Unfortunately we hold strong feelings about the people in those lessons.

And I'm sure..... you're Brandi Badass
You're absolutely right.
I don't find that unfortunate in my scenario. You're an awesome person


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