A Chemist Gonna Create...

As you know, I traveled to Chicago recently. Had a great time, saw a couple friends, including a nutritional chemist whom I graduated with. He showed me around and even took time off work to do this. This past week, I recently received a random text from him. Normally, it wouldn't be something I post but it helped me during a time I started to doubt myself. It read as such:

"I think of how courageous you are and strong."
"It puts me to shame sometimes haha."

I was already in the middle of brain-storming a gift for him, to show my gratitude for his time. Despite falling in love with the city and blaming him for this, I managed to come up with something.

I don't have a job, but I still have the power to create. Make things no one else has. It's in my nature. I am reminded of this in my art and the people that continue to inspire me.

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