Diary Data Mining [Tues Throwback, My 21 year old self circa 2005]

I did more writing earlier in my life, documenting everything. Ever since I could pick up a writing utensil and put my thoughts on paper....I started recording my life. I actually have a suitcase full of journals. I remember when I discovered livejournal and started blogging about college in 2004. My first blog was called One Damned Thing After Another because at the age of 21, I caught onto to that life lesson quick. I spent two hours this morning searching for it....bc I had long forgotten anything associated with that account. Interesting to find yourself, the little girl you, in the depths of the internet....much like the bottom of closet when searching for important notes.

I started with a special Hallmark knockoff diary that had its own personal shiny gold lock/key combo and have progressed into online entries to document my experiences through life. I'm going to share because it helped me gain perspective what I started with, what I did with it and how I've grown. This would be 2005, and I am reminded what changes in just one year.

Oh and be warned, my mouth had not undergone etiquette training regarding public communication.

Date: January 17, 2005
Title: Day 2 in Italy 
We arrived in Venice, Sunday. It was an okay flight but it took an hour to get our luggage from baggage claim. The alps were absolutely beautiful from the airplane. Yesterday we checked into the Ederlee Inn. It is nice. The post is
very small, so walking is no problem. There are more food places here than I thought. You can use American dollars on post, but we have to get Euros if we want to leave post. I have only had to speak Italian once, when leaving the airport. A very nice old man was asking me something and I replied "Il non compisco l'italiano." I practiced at least knowing how to tell them "I am stupid...don't know your language." I kid. It means, I don't understand. The man did smile. I think I can adjust to this place. I have already adjusted to the time difference even tho I took a small nap in afternoon, of yesterday.
Kenny will start in-processing tomorrow, which is good, because we need to make friends. Friends would be good right now. I am also hoping I can access some internet tomorrow as well. We both have to get an international drivers license before we search for a car. Lots to do this week.
23 Contra Porta Lupia, Vicenza, Italia. il mio appartamento. 

Carnivale 2005. Venezia, San Marco Piazza.

uno Murano o Burano. Venezia, Italia. 2005

Date: December 6, 2005 06:16PM
Title: Fire Starter
I decided to use this journal today even though I signed up months ago. I was scared of what I might write. Will things come together? I was scared that some of the things that float around in my head will be put to paper and they might not necessarily need to be shared (you should be so worthy). 

Well I have two more weeks until Fall semester finals and then I have SIX months left in this hell-hole society calls college. College was suppose to be that place that groomed and matured me- I think it is an accidental rehab- you either escape in the beginning or finish the program.  

I wasn't so lucky to not surround myself in stress while attending school- but I have news for those unfortunate fucks who skated their way thru college on their parents backs:
1) When bills show up in your mailbox, they are not as cute as the background on your mother's personal checks she sends you every month.
2) HA! Some of the bills you get, you didn't even know you had .... trust me they aren't made up and that credit report thingy isn't something you should fuck with.
3) Real jobs have bosses, not professors and they don't like to hear why you were late and honestly they could not give a shit. You can be replaced.
4) That's all I am giving you, learn it on your own. 

I guess my holiday cheer hasn't kicked in but that's kind of hard when your husband is in Afghanistan defending stupid fucks like the people here who break the damn parking gates a different way every other weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if Cameron raised costs next year just to start a fund to repair the gates- good thing I won't be here or I would have to start breaking knee-caps.

I use to be very brave--- at the age of 21. It is nice to be refreshed by your own words. I still went for it, despite it being one damned thing after another. 

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