The basic elements of being human

This post is a sound-off concerning changes I've noticed taking place in my network of friends. Considering the need for social networking to sustain yourself, we live in an age of promiscuous friendship. I am still very traditional when it comes to casting a net to those in real life as opposed to those I refer to as soft alliances through my online marketplaces. 

Nonetheless, we are all still human, and if we are given the chance or opportunity to help others, we have nothing to lose by this. Our social capital is growing as opposed to getting used up. 

In a world built around the exchange of trifling benefits and confounding obligations, find those elements you refuse to let go when casting a wider and wider net.

1. Loyalty

We are what we are loyal to. To identify them is a process in which we need to sift and sort the core things we care about.
Too few loyalties breeds a shallow, thin and unsatisfying life. Too many loyalties motivate chaos and allow the mess to over-shadow the meaningful.

2. Character

"The world loves talent, but pays off in character"

3. Maturity

We may not get rid of all our hangups, but we should learn to control them to the point that you can function and not hurt others.

4. Commitment   You have to build meaning to your life and that happens through commitments. Lessons of success and failure are the stumbling blocks in which we, ourselves must transform into stepping stones.

5. Discernment  Understand the impact you have on others.

     6. Identity Nothing is safe nor free. Your identity is what you've committed to yourself and constant growth involves always doing better. The meaning comes from you and only you. The experience of humankind is perpetual but posterity isn't.

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  1. Are these all quotes or your own words? This was very well written!